News & Activities

News & Activities

Stream Scape

November 6, 2018

StreamScapes Aquatic and Biodiversity workshop Children from 5th & 6th Class engaged in an aquatic and biodiversity session run in conjunction with Clare County Council. Children enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the important links between the water cycle, water quality and what living creatures need. Children then went on a local field trip to […]

Authors & Illustrators visit to our school!

October 4, 2018

Lucinda Jacob visited the children from 1st—3rd class on Thursday, 4th October. Lucinda is a poet, illustrator and author of fiction for young people and is a creative writing facilitator. Children enjoyed extracts from her most recent book, ‘Hopscotch in the Sky’. Lucinda took the children on a magical, inspirational journey through the seasons as […]

Green Schools Multicultural day

May 29, 2018

In line with our Global Citizenship Green Schools theme, the children of the school will be presenting a multicultural day on the 12th of June.  In the coming weeks children will be preparing a project based on a country of their choice or linked with their family.  On the day food from that country will […]

Incredible Edibles!

May 29, 2018

  Incredible Edibles is a healthy eating initiative for primary school children.  The children in our school are participating in this fun, interactive project and busy growing fruit, vegetables and herbs! Children are enjoying watching our potatoes, strawberries carrots, turnips, lettuce and chives grow!