Our School Day

We are open to receive pupils at 9.10 a.m. We take responsibility for pupils at this time when we collect the pupils from their line. The Board of Management asks that parents wait and supervise their children until the school bell rings at 9.10 a.m. as parents remain responsible for their children until this time. The school bus has been arranged to arrive at the school at 9.10 a.m.

The school day ends at 1.55p.m. for Infants and 2.55p.m. for First class to Sixth class. Junior and Senior Infants should be collected from the Junior end door. Pupils from First to Sixth should be collected from the school gate and walked safely to their car. Pupils travelling on the bus should walk directly to the bus.

Please make sure that your child knows who is picking them up from school. If there are any changes during the day please contact the office and we will let your child know. Please remember that punctuality in collecting your child is very important.