Active Break Challenge:

We know how important it is to give our minds and body a well-deserved break from the classroom. The Active Break Challenge reminded us to get out and get some air on dry days and to get up and dance in our classroom when the weather was bad. The children were brilliant at reminding their teacher throughout the day to take a break and reenergise with a fun activity and we are delighted to say movement breaks remain a vital part of our school day.

Run Around Europe Challenge:

The Run Around Europe Challenge was a major success. We had so much fun running to Poland, Spain, Ukraine and The United Kingdom. Each class combined their laps to get their weekly total. In the spirit of healthy competition, the class with the most laps were awarded with extra Golden Time and Homework Passes. This kept the children motivated and determined to do their very best throughout the challenge and encouraged collaboration. Well done everyone – keep running – and remember to always do your best!