News from the Junior & Senior Classroom!

Fair Test

In Junior and Senior Infants we carried out a Fair Test. We planted cress seeds in containers. To make it a Fair Test we used the same amount of soil, the same seeds and the same containers. We put all our containers in the same place. The one thing we changed was that we only watered some of the containers. We discovered that cress only grew in the containers that got water.


In Senior Infants we have been making a weather chart in November. We used an outdoor thermometer to check the temperature. So far, the temperature has been between 11 degrees and 12 degrees.

Plant Detectives

In Junior Infants, we went around the school acting as Plant Detectives. We found out that there are lots of different types of plants in our school, of all shapes and sizes. Some things we found were, trees, bushes, grass, vegetables (carrots & potatoes), herbs and some lovely flowers.