Fantastic Fall’s

The Green Schools Committee had a fantastic and fun-filled educational day out at the Fall’s Hotel on Monday 27th March. We were so lucky to get a tour with Michael to see how the hotel uses the flow of the waterfall to sustainably power the hotel. After a walk and talk by the waterfall and river, Michael brought us to see the hydroelectric turbine. He told us that on a day, like the day we visited, that the river is in full flow, the hotel is getting all its electricity needs from the river. Sometimes there is even extra power generated that they can give back to the grid. It was really amazing that a huge hotel like that can get all its energy from nature.

Michael also showed us a defined pathway that has been sculpted for salmon which has helped increase the amount of salmon that survive in the river. 

We had a big treat afterwards when we got a huge hot chocolate and biscuits in the hotel. It was so yummy and we had a lovely view of the beautiful waterfall and river.. Thank you so much to Michael and all the staff at the Fall’s Hotel for a wonderful and hugely interesting day out. We had a great time.

After the tour we had a lovely walk down by the river. We were so lucky that the weather was warm and sunny. We explored the sights and sounds of the area and were tired but happy when we got back for our bus to collect us. Of course we had to finish our day with a refreshing ice-cream!!