Global Citizenship Day of Action

On Tuesday 13th of June, the whole school engaged in our Global Citizenship Day of Action. Mr Carty’s and Mr. Kelly’s class had been gathering and collating information on 13 countries which have direct links to ethnicities of children in our school. They learnt about the history, culture, geography, food, sport, language, energy use and so much more.T Families and the local community were invited to come in and learn new and interesting facts from the children. The children from the other classes also came and we were all so impressed by the scope of their questions.
The most eagerly anticipated aspect of the day was sampling the local cuisine of each country. Tasty food from all corners of the world were prepared and cooked by each group and were thoroughly enjoyed by all who tasted them.

Thank you to all the children, their families and the teachers who helped make this day an amazing success and something to be proud of.