Teacher Artist Partnership Programme 4th & 5th Class

Miss Canavan and Artist Ana Colomer are undertaking a Teacher Artist Partnership Programme with 4th and 5th Class. 
Every Tuesday Artist, Ana Colomer has been Zooming into the 4th and 5th classroom and she has been teaching virtual art lessons.
4th and 5th class have really been enjoying these lessons, which combine art history with practical art lessons. 
We have learnt about Cave Art, Ancient Roman Art and Egyptian Art. The class have been inspired by the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Di Vinci, and they have created their own modern take on the Mona Lisa. 
We have looked at Impressionist Art by Claude Monet and the class painted The Cliffs of Moher in an Impressionism style. 
These art lessons have helped develop colour mixing, sketching and drawing skills. 
Well done to all the terrific artists in 4th and 5th class.