Heritage Week 2nd & 3rd Class

2nd and 3rd class were lucky enough to have been paid a virtual visit by Kay Synnot who helped us plan our school garden. We were all very excited as this was our first time experiencing a visitor coming to our school through the computer screen. Lots of work and investigating went into preparing for Kay’s visit, she had asked us to take a look at our current school garden and carry out a school garden survey. This included drawing sketches on what we saw, taking the pH levels of our soil, checking out it’s drainage and much more.

The children showed Kay their proposed plans on what they would like to see in our garden and she very kindly gave us lots of excellent advice.

This tied in nicely with our Incredible Edible programme as we currently have some plants growing on our windowsills in the classroom and are eagerly awaiting the time to come to replant them in the vegetable patch.

We really enjoyed our visit from Kay and look forward to spending more time in the garden during the summer months.